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In today's fiercely competitive environment, it is imperative to give your child an advantage, an edge or a leap ahead that sets them apart from their peers and allows them to succeed. Head start service as the name suggests, is an early years mentorship program that enhances a student's inherent capabilities by exposing them to opportunity at a young age, and educating and equipping them with the skills for success, so that they can learn, thrive and deliver.

The program has been tailored for students in Grade 7 to Grade 10 and is a yearly program. Under a carefully crafted quarterly module system, the program serves as a friend, mentor and guide to students and families who are committed to investing in learning and upskilling, both of which are imperative for any student in today's world.

The Mentoring program begins with

Psychometric & Aptitude testing for the student

A "Deep Dive Exercise" for both parents and students.

Personal goal setting and monitoring for the student

Hand-holding and teamwork to identify and execute high school and higher education goals.

Why Choose Head Start Mentorship


Begin early in an organised, structured and well planned manner. A program that allows your child to explore their strengths and maximise their potential in the extremely challenging and competitive environment of today.


A strong foundation for future success and achievement through mentorship and guidance that gives you access to a world of untapped and unexplored opportunities.


A personalised step by step approach for skill building and student growth with focussed deliverables year on year that exemplifies student achievements and gives them a headstart in their overall development.

In the course of one year, students will

Have personal check-ins with mentors twice a month which will evaluate progress against deliverables.

Attend 12 Skill building workshops which focus on key areas including: Narrative & Op-ed Writing, Vocabulary Building, Group Discussions, Public speaking, Interviews, Research & Citations, PowerPoint Presentations, Microsoft Excel, Building a personal website, and more.

Students will have exposure to profile-building opportunities in different fields that will allow them to explore areas of interest and also expose their minds to new avenues.

Set academic goals and work with a mentor to track monthly progress

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